Add yourself to our interactive map! #ALTEMUS Map is exclusive to those trained in the ALTEMUS Programs. Reconnect with fellow workshop participants, Find alumni with common interests, Connect with who is nearby or Meet & Stay with local alumni when you are traveling.

You have ALTEMUS alumni around the world, you just haven't met them yet!

Join the ALTEMUS alumni network map by clicking the (+) icon at the top right of the #ALTEMUS Map. Fill in the fields and add a link to your Linkedin or Facebook account. Here’s a few things we’d like you to add in the Description field:

  • Share with us what year and where you attended the ALTEMUS Programme,

  • Tell us your profession,

  • #hashtags your current professional interests that might be relevant to ALTEMUS members ex. #networking # peopledevelopment


# ALTEMUS Meet & Stay

Let us know if you’re OK to accommodate other alumni when they’re in your country/city or if you can meet them for coffee. This is a great way to meet fellow professionals, find partners, mentors, and friends with the common interest.

Choose a Blue Marker if you are OK to be contacted by other Alumni to meet for coffee or to recommend good places in your city but can NOT host guests.

Choose a Red Marker if you are OK to be contacted by other alumni and you are maybe OPEN to accommodate ALUMNI members guest in your home.*

*The # ALTEMUS Meet & Stay works only for verified members. Verification helps to confirm your and the guest identity. If you choose a Red Marker we will send you verification steps and share with you Safety FAQ. Before you host other ALTEMUS alumni, you’ll be able to Review Linkedin Profiles and ask for References. Only ALTEMUS alumni with filled Linkedin profile can ask for hosting.