Flights and Travel

Q: How do I get to the training site?

The most convenient airport is Lisbon.  The training site is one hour away near Sintra.  Students will travel as a group to the training site.  Instructions where and when to meet will be provided in advance.

Q: When do I need to arrive?

It is suggested that you arrive 1 or 2 days before the programme begins, so that you are well rested and have time to visit Lisbon.


Q: Do I need to get travel, cancellation and medical insurance?

Yes – obligatory.

Q: Do I need to have a medical check-up before the program?

Yes – obligatory.

Q: Does my doctor need to complete a medical form?

Yes – obligatory.  You will be provided with a medical form, which must be completed and signed by a doctor, ideally the participant’s family doctor.

Q: Do I need to be updated with vaccinations?

Yes  – obligatory.

Q: What clothing and equipment should I bring for the hike?

We will provide a suggested clothing list.

Q: Do I need to bring a laptop?

You can if you like but it is not necessary.

Q: What is your policy regarding the use of mobile phones during the program?

Participants should bring their mobile phones as it provides a means of communication with Altemus staff, family and friends.  However, please note that mobile phones are not permitted in the classroom or dining hall.  No exceptions.

Q: Will I need to read or do any assignments in preparation for the program?

You will be provided with a reading list and links to psychometric tests (personality and teamwork related).

About the Program

Q: Where have past participants come from?

To date young people from 27 countries have participated in our leadership program.

Q: Can we connect with Altemus alumni and ask them about their experience in the program?

Certainly we will provide you with email addresses to alumni in your country.

Q: Do we have free time during the program?

There is very little free time, usually at the end of the day after classes, but often there are program activities in the evenings.

Q: What is a typical day like? 

Classes start at 8:30 in the morning and finish at 5:00 with breaks for lunch and coffee. 

Q: Who are your trainers?

Trainers on Altemus’ roster are professionals who are from private, public, and the nonprofit sectors.  They include MBA professors, corporate and UN in-house trainers, stress management consultants, nurses, sports psychologists, art therapists, social entrepreneurs, outdoor educators, team building experts, trainers certified in Lean Six Sigma and guest speakers.

Q: Will I receive a certificate at the end of the program?

Yes, upon satisfactory completion.


Q: Will any dietary requirements be accommodated?

Yes, they must be specified in detail on the medical form, along with all food allergies and others allergies.


Q: Are any bursaries available for this program? 

No.  We strongly advise applicants to start looking for a sponsor or grant upon submitting their application.  If selected an applicant has a very short period of time to make a deposit and transfer balance of funds in order to secure a place in the training.