I have never been abroad. I had no opportunity to see the world, which I have read about. I have been living in a small Republic of the Northern Caucasus for 22 years. Motivation is the thing I have received during the Altemus training – to change myself, to change other people of local community, to get new knowledge. Well organized programme, wonderful trainers from different countries, interesting participants, a successful combination of theory, practice and a picturesque setting.
— Oleg (Russia)

The main thing that I have learned and kept in mind from the Altemus training is the importance of teamwork in whatever you are trying to achieve. The importance of different roles that different people play in teamwork and how those roles complement each other. And how to trust the partner you are working with or solving some kind of situation with. Therefore, in my work I try to do my best in creating the synergy between people for getting the best ideas and solutions out of the teamwork. Besides learning how to cooperate with others, I also learned more about myself – about my strengths and limitations, how to use my strengths and about my style.
— Aire (Estonia)

This intensive training course changed many things in my life. My colleagues noticed that I behave more self-confident in dealing with trainers I work with. Trainers noticed that I bring new perspective to the program, that I attained new knowledge, and my communication skills are reinforced with more patience in stressing situations, which are frequent in our work. I wish there are many more Altemus in this world because this work is of great value; it brings knowledge I can implement in my work, real life experience.
— Zaklina (Serbia)

Before the programme I had one perception of myself and my abilities, but after it, I realized a lot more about myself that I was not aware of. It was about a deep self analysis, understanding what I am capable of and not capable of, what teamwork should be and how hard sometimes it is to work with other people, but impossible without them and how to manage it.

I know myself better now and am convinced that I can do everything I set my mind to do. I see my future as a positive one. I think the programme has a lot to do with this. Before it was a problem to put things into practice because I was scared to start things and finish things seriously. I feel more secure in myself now I will try very hard to find my way in this mess (the general situation of my country) and to help others as well somehow.
— Alma (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

After the course I found my own organisation which works with ethnic minorities groups and I set up my own small business. In both cases I had to deal with complex problems of managing staff, managing the relations with partners, etc. And, frankly speaking, when I had some difficulties, I opened up the Altemus book, which I still keep, and tried to analyze myself, my style of leadership. I think it was one of the best and practical training I have ever had.
— Katya (Russia)

Moreover the group of participants and trainers was quite international and I found it useful to communicate and to interact with different nationalities, mentalities and personalities. Hiking finally united us as we were all in the same boat and the main goal was to stay a team and to learn how to help each other to be more open and caring. The training’s content helped me a lot – to realize my place in the world and to deepen my self-awareness. Now and in the future I will better understand my strengths and weaknesses and will better understand people’s intention and their natural team roles. I am grateful for these amazing picturesque views which we saw every day. – I enjoyed them a lot.
— Tetiana (Ukraine)